Intersolar Europe 2024 | TDT Accelerates Expansion of BMS Market for Energy Storage in Europe

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The Smarter E Europe 2024 was successfully concluded in Munich, Germany on the 21st after three days of exciting display. As a benchmark exhibition alliance of the European energy industry, the event gathered four independent exhibitions, namely Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, EM-Power Europe and Power2Drive Europe, and attracted about 1,500 energy storage enterprises from all over the world.

Germany as the European h ome energy storage power and the core area of demand growth, and with Italy, Austria, the United Kingdom constitute the four major household storage mature market in Europe, coupled with Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland and other emerging markets, the rise of the European PV and energy storage market is full of potential, the residential energy storage boom will continue, especially in Germany this year, 800W balcony PV systems do not need to be registered in the new policy, the demand for balcony photovoltaic The demand for balcony PV is rapid.

On the first day of the exhibition, TDTBMS showed up at Intersolar Europe 2024 with a new generation of one-stop solution for household energy storage BMS and the new Active Balance Smart BMS , bringing more than 10 smart BMS products and solutions:

01 Energy Storage BMS Solution

TDT Energy Storage BMS fully meets the low-voltage energy storage application scenarios in Europe, such as homeenergy storage, home car park energy storage, balcony photovoltaic system, etc., with short payback period. TDT Energy Storage BMS provides excellent security and strong capacity expansion, supporting 15 battery packs in parallel; TDT Home Energy Storage BMS supports 8-16 strings, 50-200A lithium battery household storage systems;It is suitable for Li-ion / LiFePO4 batteries, etc. Data configuration and real-time data communication is achieved through serial ports such as RS232, RS485 and CAN.Adaptable to many mainstream inverter protocols on the market.

(For the high-voltage market, TDTBMS will soon launch a high-voltage energy storage BMS in the range of 16-256 strings, 100A-500A, which supports up to 1500V energy storage applications, and can be flexibly set up to provide BMS solutions such as "power measurement and storage, household high-voltage energy storage, industrial and commercial power backup, and data centre").

02 Active Balance Smart BMS Solutions (BMS + Active Balancer + Bluetooth) All-in one Smart BMS,Support 3-24 series, 5-200A lithium batteries (Li-ion/ LiFePO4/LiTiO4) .Data configuration and dataS real-time communication through RS485, CAN, UART and other serial ports.The main features of Active Balance Smart BMS include: Built-in Bluetooth,Multi-size of LCD screen,Real-Time detection,2A Balance Current,Dropped line protection,Pre-charge protection,Rich interfaces(Heating module),Multi-channel communication,Automatically turn balance on/off...

03 Smart BMS Solutions
TDT presents 8 Smart BMS at ees Europe 2024.The main functions of TDT Smart BMS include: power prevention, equalisation (supporting external active equalisation module), over-charging protection, over-discharging protection, over-current protection, disconnection protection, temperature protection (6 NTC), short-circuit protection and so on.

04 Lead Acid Replacement BMS Solutions
Lead Acid Replacement BMS Supports 4 battery packs connected in series(12V-48V)
The main functions:Integrated lC,100V MOS,Ultra-high power TVS,High Accuracy Voltage,High Accuracy Current,Low power consumptior...

05 Normal BMS Solutions Trusted BMS one-stop solutions for light electric vehicles (LEV)
Normal BMS Application Scenarios:
Micromobility: Electric bicycle( E-bike ), Electric kick-scooter
Electric powered 2/3 wheelers (ePTW):E-moped, E-scooter ,E-rickshaw, E-motorcycle
Micro-EV: Electric microcars , Low-speed electric vehicles (LSEV) , Neighborhood EV (NEV), Electric quadricycle
Other electric transporters with less than 120V batteries (e.g. E-forklift, E-golf cart, E-ATV)
TDTBMS grasps the development opportunities of the industry, takes the initiative, and continues to make efforts in new product research and development, technology iteration, market development, etc. TDTBMS has brought its energy storage and light-duty power BMS products to World Battery & Energy Industry Expo (China), GreenPOWER (Poland), The Battery The Battery Show (India), Solartech & Battery Energy Storage (Indonesia), Solar & Storage (Africa), The Smarter E Europe (Germany) and other large domestic and international exhibitions and activities, TDTBMS product technology and brand is more and more recognised and favoured by domestic and international industry customers. TDTBMS product technology and brand are more and more recognised and favoured by domestic and foreign customers.
At present, TDTBMS has provided high-quality BMS solutions and services to 500+ users worldwide. In the future, TDTBMS will continue to increase its investment and make continuous efforts in the direction of globalisation layout and brand promotion, so as to bring BMS products with high quality and beautiful price to more users around the world.

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