TDT BMS to exhibit at ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2024 in Thailand

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From 3-5 July, TDTBMS will go to QSNCC Bangkok, Thailand to participate in ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2024 & ENERGY STORAGE ASIA.

Sincerely invite you visit our booth at ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2024.
The latest smart active balance BMS , home energy storage BMS etc.will be presented. Expect to establish long-term relationship with you.

JULY 3-5,2024
BOOTH Hall2.J52
Queen Sirikit National Convention center(QSNCC),BANGKOK,THAILAND.

ENERGY STORAGE ASIA 2024,featured prominently at ASEAN SUSTAINABLE ENERGY WEEK, will serve as a hub for cutting-edge energy storage technologies from leading brands worldwide. It offers a unique opportunity for industry professionals to connect with high-quality suppliers, catering to the energy sector, and even the electric vehicle industry. This show is set to be a pivotal platform for industry players to explore new opportunities and collaborations in the dynamic energy landscape.

TDTBMS Digital Showroom


Designed for Home Energy Storage industry, TDT-6032 stands out in the BMS industry with its excellent performance, high reliability and cost-effective characteristics. With Bluetooth/RS485/RS232/CAN communication function, it can connect with the host computer and mobile phone APP to achieve intelligent management of lithium batteries. And it is compatible with mainstream inverters on the market like Deye, SOFAR, GROWATT, Voltronic Power, PYLON TECH and so on.


Smart BMS with active balance, model TDT-2001. Suitable for Li-ion or LifePO4 battery. Support 6S-24S, 5A-250A. Support PC and cellphone monitoring. With built-in Bluetooth, CAN, RS485, UART communication and 6 NTCs, heating function, 5000W TVS, 2A active balance, 0 emission heat, 9 protective functions, integrated chip, 24 hours real time monitoring, intelligent management of your lithium batteries.


TDT-6056 is a new era/new standard intelligent BMS with Bluetooth and intelligent communication through various tests for 10A-200A high current design, with pre-discharge function, historical storage and record function. It has an extraordinary heat dissipation structure, and supports the optional buzzer alarm to greatly improve the stability and safety of the lithium battery pack, which can realize the intelligent management of the lithium battery.


For 12V high power battery, with double temperature sensors, support connected in series. On/off switch function is available. Widely be used for shifting lead acid battery to Lithium battery. With toll Low internal resistance Mosfets.

TDT-8986 60V BMS

Widely used in Electric vehicle batteries, for 24V-48V-60V-72V batteries. Switch function is available. With Integrated IC, parameters is adjustable, quality stable, and price is competitive. Support customization.


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