2A active balance BMS 24S 150a smart active balance bms

  • Model: TDT-2001
  • Dimensions(mm): 220*100*19mm
  • Cells Series: 8S-24S
  • Battery Type : NMC LFP LTO
  • Input Charging Voltage: 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V
  • Continuos Curren: 5A~150A
  • Remark: CAN Bluetooth UART on/off switch 6 temperature sensors RS485 LCD

The characteristics of smart active balance BMS:Compared to regular BMS, smart active balance BMS has higher protection performance. Smart active balance BMS can automatically adjust the voltage and current of the battery pack, achieving more precise protection. It can continuously monitor the voltage and current of the battery pack during use. When voltage differences are found in the battery pack, it can achieve balanced protection of the battery pack by adjusting the distribution of voltage and current.
Smart active balance BMS also has the following characteristics:
1. Highly automated: Smart active balance BMS can automatically adjust voltage and current without the need for manual intervention, thereby improving the convenience of use.
2. High performance protection: Smart active balance bms has higher protection performance. It can monitor and protect the battery pack in essence, avoid overcharge and over discharge, and extend the service life of the battery pack.
3. Low energy consumption: Smart active balance BMS has very low energy consumption, which can reduce battery pack energy consumption and improve service life while ensuring efficient protection.

TDT-2001 is suitable for 8-24 series ternary lithium, lithium iron phosphate, and lithium titanate battery packs, with a standard discharge current of 20A/30/A40A/60A/100A/120A/150A (compatible with 5-150A).Active balancing current: 2A


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