The outdoor energy storage BMS has an RS485 interface, which is convenient for connecting to the host control board, reading individual battery voltage, overall capacity, charging and discharging cycles, battery pack temperature, SOH, SOC, etc


Superior outdoor battery solution

1. Unparalleled Durability and Robust Battery Applications:

To meet the challenges of the great outdoors, we employ cutting-edge Rugged Battery Technology to ensure prolonged usability in demanding environments. From high-altitude mountain regions to deep jungles, our batteries stand the test, providing users with dependable energy. This unparalleled durability makes our batteries the ideal choice for a variety of Robust Battery Applications, whether for outdoor activities, camping, or outdoor engineering.

2. Environmentally Conscious Energy Storage:

We commit to environmental responsibility without compromise. Through the implementation of Eco-Friendly Power Storage technology, our batteries stand as the ideal choice for those pursuing a sustainable lifestyle. We strive to minimize environmental impact, allowing users to contribute positively to the planet while utilizing our Environmentally Conscious Energy Storage, a unique selling point of our batteries.

3. Powerful Off-Grid Energy Storage Capability:

Regardless of your location, our outdoor batteries offer powerful Off-Grid Energy Storage capabilities. In situations where traditional power sources are unavailable, our battery solutions ensure your equipment, tools, or facilities remain operational, providing the necessary power. This capability positions our batteries as the optimal choice for off-grid environments.

4. Versatile Applications and High-Performance Outdoor Power:

Our Outdoor Battery Solutions cater to diverse scenarios, including open-air events, camping, outdoor engineering, and emergency backup power. These batteries deliver High-Performance Outdoor Power, meeting the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, professionals, and those facing emergencies alike. They provide stable and sustainable energy support for your activities and projects.

Outdoor Storage List

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Model Dimensions(mm) Cells Series Battery Type Input Charging Voltage Continuos Curren Remark
TDT-6010 100*85*14 3S-4S NMC/LFP 12V 40A-100A null
TDT-6008 100*85*14 3S-4S NMC/LFP 12V 110A-200A null

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Outdoor Battery Solutions

Q1: What sets apart your Outdoor Battery Solutions from others on the market?

A1: Our Outdoor Battery Solutions distinguish themselves through the incorporation of state-of-the-art Rugged Battery Technology. This ensures durability and dependable performance in a variety of outdoor settings, making them a standout choice for those seeking robust and reliable energy storage.

Q2: How do your batteries incorporate Weather-Resistant features?

A2: Our batteries are equipped with advanced Weather-Resistant technology, designed to endure extreme temperatures, humidity, and other challenging weather conditions. This feature enhances their suitability for outdoor applications where unpredictable weather may pose challenges.

Q3: Are your Outdoor Battery Solutions environmentally friendly?

A3: Yes, our commitment to sustainability is evident in the implementation of Eco-Friendly Power Storage technology. These batteries utilize sustainable materials and energy-efficient storage techniques, aligning with our dedication to Environmentally Conscious Energy Storage.

Q4: Can these batteries be utilized for off-grid applications?

A4: Absolutely. Our batteries boast powerful Off-Grid Energy Storage capabilities, making them the perfect solution for scenarios where traditional power sources are unavailable. This makes them ideal for remote locations and facilitates effective Remote Power Solutions.

Q5: How do your batteries contribute to Sustainable Energy for the Outdoors?

A5: Our batteries are a testament to Sustainable Energy for Outdoors, providing a reliable and eco-friendly power source for various applications. Their high-performance outdoor power capabilities make them an essential companion for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Q6: In what Robust Battery Applications can these batteries be employed?

A6: The robust design and capabilities of our batteries make them suitable for various Robust Battery Applications, ranging from outdoor activities and camping to demanding outdoor engineering projects. Their versatility ensures they meet the diverse needs of users.


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