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The company has over 180 employees and a research and development team of over 40 people, including 5 personnel with master's degrees or above; 15 personnel with intermediate or senior professional titles; 40 personnel from the technical research and development department; 10 personnel from the data service department; 15 personnel from the Product Quality Department; 10 project management personnel; 20 people in the after-sales technical support and customer service department;

Over ten years of accumulation have provided TDT R&D personnel with rich understanding of battery working principles and product development experience, as well as a complete R&D, management, and marketing team

R&D Team
R&D Team

first-class production equipment and a standardized quality assurance system

  • High precision voltage acquisition technology
  • High current active balance board
  • High precision SOC estimation technology

Acquired several international certifications, such as FCC.ROHS, ISO9001, CE, etc., obtained 4 independent R&D patents and 5 copyrights.

  • Factory price is provided, with controllable delivery time.
  • Warmly welcome to visit our manufacturing base.

Plan the most suitable BMS solution for you

  • Service support: Provide efficient after-sales service, with more than 13 years of strong technical support.
  • Global response.

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