TDT 20S-25S Active Balancer equalizer 5A Energy equalization Capacitor

  • Model: TDT-9139
  • Dimensions(mm): 125*90*16
  • Cells Series: 20S 21S 22S 24S 25S
  • Battery Type : NMC LFP
  • Balance Current: 5A
  • MOQ:: 1pcs
  • N:


·Can support 20-25strings, Lithium iron phosphate/ternary/Lithium titanate
·Whole group balanced, ultra-low internal resistance MOS
·Energy transfer balance, low loss, low temperature rise
·Balanced current 5A, battery voltage difference after equalization<100mV
·The larger the voltage difference, the greater the equilibrium current, and vice versa, the smaller the equilibrium current
·Intelligent balance throughout the entire time period, improving the overall performance of the battery pack
·Small size, can be used inside the battery, and wiring is simple and easy to understand



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