TDT 2A Active Equalizer BMS Lithium Battery Balancer

  • Model: TDT-8902
  • Dimensions(mm): 100*85*14
  • Cells Series: 5s-6s
  • Battery Type : NMC/LFP
  • Balance Current: 1A-2A
  • MOQ:: 1pcs
  • Remark: null


The reason why active equilibrium is necessary is because there are some problems with passive equilibrium. Passive balancing releases the power of high-voltage lithium batteries through heat, resulting in insufficient balancing current to meet the balancing needs of large capacity batteries. In addition, passive equalization will generate heat, which has special heat dissipation requirements for the safety and structure of the battery. Because lithium batteries are very sensitive to heat, overheating will lead to an increase in the Failure rate of components. However, active balancing can solve these problems by transferring the energy from high-energy batteries to low-energy batteries, achieving "truncation to compensate". Moreover, since there is only "truncation" in the transformer scheme, there are various solutions for active balancing, including the Fit capacitor scheme and the battery specific DCDC conversion chip scheme. In summary, active balancing is an effective method to solve the problems of passive balancing, and therefore has been widely applied in practical applications.


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