TDT-6022 16S 50A-200A smart Bluetooth BMS Battery Management System

  • Model: TDT-6022
  • Dimensions(mm): 100*85*14
  • Cells Series: 8S-16S
  • Battery Type : NMC/LFP
  • Input Charging Voltage: 24V 36V 48V 60V
  • Continuos Curren: 50A~200A
  • Remark: null


With the wide application of lithium batteries in the home-energy storage industry, TDT SMART BMS stands out in the home-energy storage BMS industry because of its excellent performance, high reliability, and cost-effective characteristics.Multi-communication methods of BT/ RS485/RS232S/ CAN, it is connected to the com-puter host computer and the mobile APP to carry out intelligent mana- gement of the lithium battery. Support the custom development of mainstream inverters: GROWATT


Lithium Battery Management System

Can be used for 8S-16S 50A-200A Lifepo4/Li-ion battery pack

Software BMS With Communications

Monitor & protect your battery power smartly

Inported IC

Dual protection of software and hardware morestable component quality

Bluetooth Communication

Support Android and IOS system, adjustable working parameters

Multiple Functions Guarantee of Smart BMS

Various protection and balance functions of overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit, temperature, etc.


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