How Can Active Balancers Help Optimize Energy Storage Systems

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An active balancer has high importance in optimizing your energy storage systems, especially those that are based on multiple cells and packs. With the implementation of these circuits, the energy storage systems can become much more efficient, and here we will discuss how.

How Can Active Balancers Help Optimize Energy Storage Systems?

Here are the top 6 ways active balancers can help optimize your energy storage systems.
  1. By equalizing cell voltage
The first thing that an active balancer will do is equalize the cell voltage in your battery system. It is important because if the voltage is not the same for all cells, the ones with low voltage can negatively impact the performance, and active balancers help deal with issues like over-charging and over-discharging. Hence, they equalize cell voltage in the whole system, making it more efficient.
  1. By extending battery life
One of the biggest reasons why battery life is shortened is high strain on cells and lack of balance on the whole pack. An active balancer is the perfect solution to this problem, and this way, it extends the battery life as well. It manages the whole pack in a way that the entire capacity can be utilized, and the pack is limited according to the weakest cells so the others do not get any extra strain on them.
  1. By providing safety and efficiency to the whole system
Overcharging a cell is a safety hazard that can cause overheating and lead to fires. With an active balancer, this problem is solved because every cell charges equally with balanced current and voltage. It also ensures that the cells can transfer energy from high voltage levels to low voltage levels. No energy is wasted this way, and the whole system becomes more efficient.
  1. Maximizing usable capacity
When all the cells in your battery pack are balanced, the whole capacity of your battery pack is used, which includes power from every cell in the pack. Meanwhile, if they are not balanced, the performance cap of a battery pack is based on the weakest cell. So, active balancers balance out all the cells and ensure the whole capacity of your battery pack can be utilized for loads.
  1. By monitoring and diagnostics
Modern technology-based active balancers can monitor the battery with real-time performance stats and provide diagnostics reports for the problem. In this way, any potential problem can be identified and resolved before something worse happens.
  1. Through optimized charging and discharging,
An active balancer can optimize the charging of the whole battery by balancing cells and ensuring that one cell does not slow down the charging process of the rest of the batteries. Additionally, it improves discharge performance as well by making the system provide a uniform supply of power without interruptions or bad performance.

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